Recover from alcohol and drugs through the 12 Steps is an effort to dig deeply inside of ourselves and uncover the our true self, the confident, capable person that has been buried beneath a mountain of drugs and an ocean of alcohol. By working the 12 Steps, an individual is given the chance to access and bring to life that true self through an occurrence known as a “spiritual experience,” which upon completion of the Steps.

Although the term may sound grandiose and very obscure, the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous use the term spiritual experience to describe a change undergone that allows an individual to rid themselves of the cravings which cause them to continue to willingly return to the shackles of addiction, and become happy and helpful in their new lives.

Those addicted to drugs and alcohol are trapped beneath their sense of “false self,” the destructive decisions we take to satisfy our very basic human needs to be loved, accepted, and comfortable. Shattering the false self and uncovering the true self may be a lifelong process for some of us, but we are able to take strides towards that perfect ideal every day by means of working Steps, attending meetings, involving ourselves in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, and being of service to those around us. These various avenues allow us to grow or character and develop some of the personality traits and standards that we never developed because our reliance upon alcohol and drugs, and allow us to not only discard our active addiction, but become complete, successful individuals as a result of discovering our true self.

The 12 Steps are an incredibly effective method of showing us that the false self is just that, a false cloak of negativity that we have draped ourselves in to cover up our doubts, fears, and sense of loneliness and isolation. By working the Steps, we tear begin to chip away at the false self, and discard the defects and shortcomings that are keeping us from ridding ourselves of the substances, and reaching our true potential.

Recovering from drugs and alcohol by means of the 12 Steps allows us to break free of the the hold that alcohol and drugs had on us, and live a life full of meaning and value. We are given the character and the tools necessary to remain sober and productive in easy and hard times alike, and find a new way of living that really works.

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