With over 20 years of providing safe, comfortable homes to recover from alcohol and drugs, and hundreds of years of combined experience in sobriety, the staff at Ready 2 Recover Garden Grove sober living homes has the knowledge and experience to help all of our guests make the initial, crucial steps towards life long sobriety. Long before any of us actually began taking the actions necessary to sustain our sobriety, we had an intuitive feeling that our drinking and drug use was getting out of control, and causing serious damage in our lives and the lives of those who loved us. But the difference between sobriety and active addiction isn’t the knowledge that our substance abuse is causing us harm, it’s the actions we take to stay sober and recover from decades of destructive behaviors.

Breaking habits is a difficult task, and quitting using the drugs and alcohol that we have depended on to function and stay sane is perhaps one the most difficult actions of our lives. Once we have decided to “get sober,” simple actions like pouring the bottle down the drain, flushing the drugs down the toilet, and deleting the contacts out of our phone can go a long ways. These simple actions can seem overwhelming, but begin propelling us forward in our sobriety.

Eliminating negative influences and beginning to surround ourselves with like minded, supportive friends in recovery is the next step, and can be just as difficult to take as the first. Many of us have found those friends and that support in the rooms of 12 Step meetings, and although the transition can be difficult and at times uncomfortable, the results were well worth a brief period of discomfort. If 12 Step groups just aren’t for you, then there are many other avenues of support available in the community. Many of our recovering friends use church, therapy, or other recovery groups to lean on in during their recovery, but regardless of whether you choose to use church or the 12 Steps, our experience has shown that you have to replace your substance abuse with an equally effective form of recovery.

Recovery from alcohol and drugs is not a single event or decision, but rather a lifelong process and series of continual actions that allow us to stay free from alcohol and drugs. These actions all begin with a decision to stop, and are followed by the actions taken to reinforce that decision, because without action, a decision is just a fleeting whim or fantasy.

If you or someone you care about is battling drug and/or alcohol abuse, and looking to quit using and begin their path to sobriety, than please contact one of our professionals at Ready 2 Recover. Our Garden Grove sober living homes offer our guests the opportunity to distance themselves from the people, places, and things which are making it so easy for them to continue with their destructive lifestyles, and offer them the chance to take hold of the substance- free life that is available to us all. Please contact us today at (800) 214-3787 for a safe, sober living situation, and a chance to begin a lifetime of sobriety.