Whether you’re recovering from alcohol and drugs or not, meditation can be a powerful tool in achieving relaxation and clearing your head of daily stress. For sober people, the benefits are exponential, and help those of us working on our sobriety to rid ourselves of the negative thoughts and continual alcoholic doubt that can be a major hindrance in our sobriety.

The goal of meditation is to clear one’s head and find peace. This is an age old practice, and there are many different philosophies on how to most effectively do this, but those we consistently meditate report improved concentration and feelings of calm and serenity among the storm of daily living.

Lessens Anxiety and Stress

Stress is a common reason those of us chose to drink and use, and is a commonly cited occurrence that precipitates those trying to stay sober into relapse. Now that we have eliminated alcohol and drugs, it becomes even more important to find safe, healthy ways to eliminate stress and live a happy, fulfilled life. No matter what career you have or lifestyle you maintain, stress is a part of life, and now more than ever it becomes apparent that we have to find productive, helpful ways of reducing stress and coping with the issues.

Those of us prone to anxiety and worry can strongly benefit from stress reducing practices like meditation, allowing us to distance ourselves from the issue causing the stress and discover what is really behind such feelings.

Above and beyond the mental toll taken by stress and worry, these symptoms can take a physical toll on the body, which responds to stress by increasing the heart rate, which over time can lead to high blood pressure and other negative effects.  By meditating, those afflicted with excess anxiety can reduce not only the tension on their mind, but lower their heart rates, blood pressure, improve digestion, and increase blood flow through the body.

Although meditation is not a cure all for stress, if practiced consistently and wholeheartedly, can allow you to reduce your anxiety and improve your health.

Improving Spirituality

Those of us involved in Alcoholics Anonymous or any of its 12 Steps cousins understand the emphasis placed on spirituality. Connecting with God, the universe, nature, or any power greater than ourselves is a powerful experience, and helps replace the feeling that was lost when we stopped abusing alcohol and drugs to create our own synthetic spiritual experiences.

Mindfulness is a common form of meditation, and one practiced by many recovering substance abusers. This practices teaches us how to become cognizant of both positive and negative feelings and thoughts without being overwhelmed by them. Many practice this form of meditation by quietly reflecting on their thoughts and the images passing through their mind, but keeping enough distance and presence of mind to not become involved in them. Continual practice of mindfulness allows the practitioner to adopt a calmer, more relax mindset.

Ready 2 Recover: Your Garden Grove Sober Living Home

Whether seeking to eliminate stress, improve bodily function, or improve your spiritual connection, Ready 2 Recover Garden Grove Sober Living encourages all of its newly sober guests to practice some form of meditation or spirituality. If you have any questions about availability in our Garden Grove sober living homes, please contact us today at  (800) 214-3787.